Selected Projects

These are a selection of the academic projects I have been involved with as part of my graduate studies.

  • Facilitating Spectrum Sharing between Microwave Radiometers and Commercial Users

    Working with collaborators at Ohio State’s ElectroScience Labratory, this interdisciplinary project seeks to establish sharing frameworks in the high band (beyond 6 GHz) portions of wireless spectrum between passive radiometers and commerical users.

  • Interplay of Markets and Security in 5G Spectrum

    This project aims to address the intertwiining of economics and security frameworks in areas of spectrum where flexible sharing is possible, such as the mid-band 3.5 GHz portion governed by the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). I also have had the opportunity to present my work directly to the CTO team of a CBRS Spectrum Access Administrator.

  • Management of Cloud Service Advance Reservations

    This project investigates the impact of advance reservation on cloud infrastructure, particularly looking at customer behavior in the face of various provider pricing and scheduling schemes.